Windsor Bars: What Makes Them Worth Visiting?

The brewing of beer is an activity that has been ongoing since the birth of farming, and there are some experts who make strong claims that the history of beer brewing extends well past the agricultural revolution that occurred during the neolithic period. Regardless of when beer was first invented, the fact remains that it has become a core part of our cultural consciousness. You would be hard pressed to plan any sort of a night out that would not involve beer at the very least to a certain extent. There are just so many different types of beers to try, so it would be best if you sampled all of them by going to the right bar.

We would say that is the best choice for those that want to be able to try a wider selection of beers than the average bar has to offer. The reason behind this is that beers are their specialty, so much so that they will have the finest brews from around the world. You should definitely give a Belgian beer named Kriek a try. It has plenty of hops for added flavor and body, but there are also some sour cherries that are fermented within the mash as well which adds an entire new dimension that is hard to describe with nothing but words.

On the other hand, some people might prefer a beer that is a tad less intense. For those individuals, we would say that trying an IPA, also known as an Indian Pale Lager, would be right up their alley. IPAs are lighter, crisper and more refreshing, and they can be just what you need when you are looking for a beer that won’t leave you feeling overly full in your stomach.