Water and Women Empowerment

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Water and Women Empowerment

Nando's and RAIN, Replenish Africa Initiative, joined forces to bring water and women empowerment to a small village that supplies the fast-food chain with fresh chillies!

Maputo, Mozambique (10 May 2021) – Thanks to an innovative idea from the Replenish Africa Initiative (RAIN) and South Africa-based fast-food chain Nando’s, a small village roughly 30kms outside Maputo, Mozambique, has been transformed through access to water and women leadership.

The vital ingredient for Nando’s business was initially planted on the perimeter of the local elephant habitat to keep the large mammals away from the Marracuene (elephants do not like chillies). After expressing an interest in buying their products on an ongoing basis, the community expanded the production and created a thriving plantation. But this was a community without access to safe water sources and who were using open springs and the nearby river for their water needs: more than 700 people were sourcing cooking and drinking water contaminated by livestock, laundry, and other household activities, entirely unsuitable for human consumption.

In addition, women who were carrying water daily in this isolated area had suffered violence. Their children were not attending school as they were needed to help collect water.

The Coca-Cola Foundation, through RAIN in partnership with Nando’s MaXamba, reviewed the circumstances and started a project to install handpump boreholes as part of the solution to these challenges. Two handpump boreholes were installed, at equidistant locations in the community, along with two laundry areas with appropriate drainage in a safe and visible place to ensure the sustainability of the overall system.

Twenty women formed a water committee and received training on sanitation, COVID-19 prevention, and the transfer of indigenous knowledge. This women-led association was trained in the operation and essential maintenance of the water systems and will work with the community leaders to ensure the community takes responsibility.

The project also included:

  • A network of 50 tippy taps.
  • Handwashing stations with the supply of hand soap.
  • A ‘train the trainers’ model, where women leading the community water association received training and then trained other community members and children at the local school.

Additionally, women took part in economic empowerment activities to help diversify their livelihoods and provide stability for their families.

“We at Coca-Cola are committed to working with communities to help address the challenges related to the lack of clean water and sanitation throughout the continent. We know that safe water access is the key pillar for social and economic opportunities and that by supporting this intervention, we are supporting the future of the residents of Marracuene.” Sergio Fernandes, Managing Director Coca-Cola Beverages Africa – Mozambique.

This project was funded through the Replenish Africa Initiative (RAIN) – a commitment by The Coca-Cola Foundation to improve water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH) for six million people on the continent. RAIN has successfully achieved its goal through collective action, with more than 4,000 African communities benefiting from the program across 41 countries.

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