Tafi Kokomba Korpe Community chants songs of joy after borehole fitted with hand pump installed

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Tafi Kokomba Korpe Community chants songs of joy after borehole fitted with hand pump installed

Tafi Kokomba Korpe Community chants songs of joy after borehole fitted with hand pump installed

Tafi Kokomba Korpe is a small farming community in the Afadzato South District of the Volta Region. The community has been in its present location for about 24 years without access to safe drinking water. The only source of drinking water is polluted and about 2km away from the community. The stream dries-up during the dry season thereby forcing the people of the community to dig pits and wait for water to collect. Some community members travel further distances of about 4km to 5km to access water from nearby communities such as Tafi Mador, Tafi Agorme and Tafi Abuife.

The lack of access to safe drinking water negatively affected sanitation and hygiene practices such as handwashing and bathing. This situation also resulted in most abled body young men migrating from the community. However, women and children were at the center of the struggle to collect water for their households as household chores are considered a woman’s responsibility.

Women faced long days and safety concerns travelling long distances to collect water needed not only for sanitation purposes but to cook with as well.

Through funding from The Coca-Cola Foundation and support from Plan International Ghana, 170 community members became direct beneficiaries of the Integrated Community, Water Sanitation and Hygiene (ICWASH) project that would provide them with safe potable water by means of a borehole fitted with a hand pump.

Residents of Tafi Kokomba Korpe hoped for years to receive access to clean water, so when news that the project was confirmed, many community members felt relief. The arrival of the drilling rig gave the community re-assurance that clean water was would become part of their daily lives. A day was set aside to celebrate and commission the borehole as well as put an end to the use and consumption of polluted ground water.

On 19th March 2020, the Tafi Kokomba Korpe community organized a small durbar celebration to commission the water facility. Songs of joy were sung and people shared their thanks; “we did not know that pipe water was this sweet and we have all along been consuming dirty water”.

The District Coordinator for the Project, Mr. Bless Kofi Vieku, and the Gender and Influencing Specialist, Mrs. Lilian Bruce used the opportunity to educate the community on the relevance of proper water handling and storage to ensure its sanitation. Plan International Ghana also educated residents on how to identify practical ways of managing and sustaining the functionality of the water facility.

“We shall not travel far away again to fetch dirty water because we have clean water right at our door steps”.

14-year-old Charity Ngoka is a Junior High School student in Tafi Konkomba Korpe. Everyday she wakes up early to travel 4km round trip for clean water for her family and she is often late to school. This is her responsibility as a girl and as the youngest child in her family. The stream is polluted and during the dry season leaves her family without water. At 14 years old Charity is now concerned about the lack of access to clean water to ensure she’s hygienic during her period as well as the dangers young girls face traveling alone. Through the Integrated Community Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (ICWASH) Project led by Plan International Ghana and The Coca-Cola Foundation, Tafi Konomba Korpe is now equipped with a borehole with handpump allowing Charity to access clean water outside of her doorstep. Additionally, through the project, women and girls are now supplied with sanitary pads. The success of the ICWASH project has had a positive impact in Charity’s life in that she arrives to school on time allowing her to keep up with her coursework, and she’s comforted in her ability to remain sanitary during her period.