Expanding Access to Water and Sanitation in Maputo

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Expanding Access to Water and Sanitation in Maputo

Through the Replenish Africa Initiative (RAIN), funded by The Coca-Cola Foundation, Water and Sanitation for the Urban Poor (WSUP) has worked with Mozambique’s local water utility, called Águas da Região de Maputo (AdeM), and has been able to provide better quality service to customers, especially for those living on the periphery. One such customer is Carlota Zefania, who lives in a house with three other families. Overall this initiative has expanded access to water in Maputo.

She is the neighbourhood secretary of Aeroporto B. When she first moved in, the neighbourhood had poorly built latrines, and it was infested by rats and flies.  

“Some people were connected to the water supply system but the majority would fetch water in boreholes or at the military base nearby. When the RAIN project came we were told that the objective was to build toilets and connect households to the public network of water,’’ says Carlota.

“We welcome the initiative and we hope they will continue working with us to serve those in need with good quality service”, he says.

In order to establish a community-based management mechanism, young people from the neighbourhood were trained to read the water meters and report leaks with support from WSUP.

“We now have someone to report to at the utility Águas da Região de Maputo as well as local young who can read water meters in the neighbourhood,” Carlota added.

Aeroporto B was one of the neighbourhoods where the RAIN project not only provided water for consumption but also contributed to improving hygiene by building toilets.

“Previously, it was practically impossible to walk around the neighbourhood because of poorly built toilets. There were families with 20 people or more sharing one toilet. We are better off now,” concludes Carlota.