Empowering Women through Improved Sanitation in Kenya

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Empowering Women through Improved Sanitation in Kenya

Empowering Women through Improved Sanitation in Kenya

Judith Chelangat lives in the Githima community of Nakuru, Kenya’s fourth largest city.

The community suffers from poor sanitation, with the sewer network used in the centre of the city not reaching into the settlement. Not only are residents forced to use unsafe, undignified forms of sanitation but waste often flows into open drains runningthrough alleys and between houses, contaminating the whole neighbourhoodand impacting on residents’ health.


Judith was reliant on a pit latrine for sanitation, but she couldn’t even let her young son use itbecause it wasn’t safe.

“The toilets were too smelly and difficult to maintain,” she says. But with support from the Replenish Africa Initiative(RAIN), Water & Sanitation for the Urban Poor worked with the utility NAWASSCO to tackle this challenge by building a new 1.5km sewer network into Githima.

The new sewer network gives an opportunity for residents to significantly improve their sanitation, improving their dignity, privacy and safety.

“I am so elated about the connection to the sewer line which prompted our landlord to upgrade our facilities from pit latrines to the current pour-flush,” says Judith. Not only do the new facilities mean that waste is safely managed, but the toilet is safer, too.

“I can comfortably let Alvny, my son, use the toilets without fear or discomfort.” This to me, is a commendable life upgrade!”