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RAIN has partnered with EWT to address source water protection in the Soutpansberg Mountains.

The Coca-Cola Foundation, through its flagship, Replenish Africa Initiative (RAIN) program, has partnered with EWT to address source water protection through the removal of invasive alien plant species from upper catchment areas of the Soutpansberg…

The Mozambique Water Project: RAIN in collaboration with Nando’s MaXamba are making a difference

RAIN, African Elephants and Chillies

With innovation from RAIN and Nando’s, a small village, just outside Maputo, Mozambique, has been transformed, through access to water. Listen to the ClassicFM 102.7fm podcast on YouTube here.

Water and Women Empowerment

Nando’s and RAIN, Replenish Africa Initiative, joined forces to bring water and women empowerment to a small village that supplies the fast-food chain with fresh chillies! Maputo, Mozambique (10 May 2021) – Thanks to an innovative…


Experts agree achieving safe, sustainable and accessible water for all in Africa requires immediate collective action and resource commitment – as evidenced by RAIN, the largest pan-African clean water program. A full recording of the event can be watched here.  At a virtual Roundtable on March 25th to mark World Water Day 2021, RAIN partners…