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A Happier, Healthier Lifestyle

Nicole and her family have been residents of the Ambohimamory commune for the past 13 years. Despite her concerns around irregular water supply in the area, she had little choice but to acquire a water connection for her home through JIRAMA and was compelled to organise her daily activities accordingly. She used her two containers with 120 and 200 litres capacities, to collect and store water for meeting her family’s daily needs.

Before the implementation of WSUP’s NRW programme in the area, the water supply was extremely constrained and unsatisfactory. Water was available late at night for only around 4 or 5 hours, at best. More often, the supply was much worse with the area not being served for days on end. Nicole and her neighbours had to pay water carriers to get water from a well.

When the supply was cut off for more than 24 hours, we had to pay for water to fulfill our family’s needs and when it was unavailable for days, we had to decrease our usage. Nonetheless, we paid significant amounts of money for water.

Nicole confirms significant improvements to her water supply since WSUP’s NRW interventions in the area.

She delightedly exclaims “The water supply is much more reliable now. My family’s average consumption is around 15m3 per month. We can now use water any time of the day or night, and don’t have to stay up past midnight waiting for water. We are also making monetary savings because of our reliable water supply now, through unimaginable ways and means. For instance, I don’t need to pay another person for our laundry now, which is good because doing it myself means I can finally be satisfied with the cleanliness of our clothes. What’s more is I can sleep through the night, which makes me feel and seem healthier than before.”